Lab Notebook Record

Analyze scRNA-seq data

Mouse IVF protocol

Masson's Trichrome Staining (from IHC World)

Neutrophil and NETs IF staining

MUCIN1 (MUC1) IHC staining

Grams Staining (from HIMEDIA Lab)

MUCIN9 (OVGP1) IHC staining

ESR1 IHC staining

PGR IHC staining

Ki67 IHC staining

Acetylated-a-tubulin IHC staining

Acetylated-a-tubulin IF staining

B-Catenin IHC staining

Vaginal smear staining

Collecting pre-implantation embryos

Acrosome reaction staining

Embedding and sectioning tissues

How to use cryostat

General info on cell culture

Counting cell using hemocytometer

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