Ryan Finnerty

PhD Candidate

PhD in Translational Biosciences Program

With assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs) becoming more accessible to the public, a detailed understanding of embryonic development during the preimplantation period is paramount. Since embryos can be fertilized in-vitro outside of the oviduct (fallopian tube in humans) its role with respect to proper embryonic development is often overlooked. Ryan look to address this by investigating a hypothesized cross talk between the embryo and the maternal oviduct. He will utilize in-vitro fertilization and super ovulation to investigate the impact ART procedures may have on embryonic-maternal cross talk and maternal pregnancy recognition.

Before joining Dr. Winuthayanon’s lab, Ryan had served in the Marine Corps for 5 years as a cryogenic technician. Upon completion of his service contract, Ryan attended and received his bachelor's degree in biochemistry at Iowa State University. At Iowa State University, he assisted a graduate student with research in DNA repair mechanisms where he performed a variety of techniques in the determination of enzymatic/kinetic activities for several mutations on the Mre11/Rad50 protein complex.

One fun fact about Ryan is that he has lived in almost every region of the United States from the northwest and southwest, to the Midwest and southeast. Ryan only needs to live in the Northeast now to have lived in every region (He's a desert rat at heart though). Ryan enjoys going to the gym to stay healthy and physically active, playing video games/board games, eating spicy food, and watching/reading dystopian Sci-fi and cringey comedy.